WSB Gravimetric Blenders

The most popular gravimetric blenders worldwide. Plastics processors all over the world are choosing Maguire Weigh Scale Blenders as their Gravimetric Blender of choice over all others.


The Maguire gravimetric blender range covers applications for up to 12 materials. Customers benefit from precision mixing, simple operation, minimum setup time and low capital cost. The first and only weigh-scale blender designed from the ground up, giving the technology over 30 years’ experience.

Gravimetric Blenders available: WSBMB Micro, WSB 140MP Micro Plus, WSB 100, WSB 200, WSB 400, WSB 900, WSB 1800, WSB 2400, WSB 3000 and MaxiBatch gravimetric blender.

  • Guaranteed to reduce your material cost.
  • Allows confident use of Masterbatch and regrind, eliminating the need to buy compound materials.
  • Bulk buy natural polymer instead of small lots of compounded colours with huge savings.
  • Gravimetric blenders provide negligible scrap compared to manual or volumetric blending during set-up.
  • Range includes the MaxiBatch blender: The world’s largest throughput capacity up to 5500 kg/hr. Blends up to 12 ingredients!
  • Machines still supported since 1989.
  • Set up in seconds, not hours.
  • Minimal calibration required.
  • Unquestionable accuracy.
  • Proven reliability with 5-year warranty.