Combined Shredder & Granulators

Product Highlights

The ZERMA ZCS shredder integrates leading Shredder and Granulator technologies into a single compact package.

Combining the proven design and high torque of the ZERMA single shaft shredder with a highly efficient granulator, ZERMA is able to provide a reliable, compact size reduction system. The shredder and granulator are individually driven allowing for better control of the complete process.

The ZCS series was designed for in-house use in blow and injection moulding applications, but can be adapted for other applications. The small footprint allows the system to be integrated into existing processes with ease. Being a closed systems also reduces the risk of contamination when compared to a traditional two stage recycling system.

The system is well suited for large volume parts and thicker materials such as flush or purging.

  • Compact space saving design
  • Low noise emissions
  • Versatile size reduction concept
  • Flexible discharge options


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