Volumetric Masterbatch Dosers

Product Highlights

Volumetric dosing units from Movacolor, add additive on the basis of volume with an extensive track record across multiple conditions all over the industry. Proving their value since the founding of Movacolor, these units are installed in factories all over the world and can operate under almost any conditions.

Depending on the material, the unit can be tailormade for dosing free-flowing powders, regrinds or normal granulates. Additive is added on the basis of volume.

Entry level unit for dosing additive/masterbatch or free flowing powders. Volumetric doser suitable for all sizes of extruders and injection machines. Additive dosing throughput 0.07-180kg/hr.

  • Quick and easy colour change: <60 seconds
  • Robust and easy to clean
  • Accurate dosing techniques for dosing masterbatch, powder and regrind
  • Low investment, high savings
  • Twin system available


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