Hot Air Dryers

Product Highlights

The Hot Air Dryers from Plastic Systems have been designed to remove surface moisture from non-hygroscopic materials like PP and PE. Non-hygroscopic plastic materials are polymers which trap moisture on the surface of the granulate and moisture content is never high. The processing of plastic materials which the presence of moisture may seriously affect the quality of the process and the finished product.

There are 2 categories within the series of Hot Air Dryers. The first, includes the models which can be installed on the throat of the machine which offer airflow rates from 70 to 200m/h. The second category are installable to the floor with airflow rants from 200 to 1350m/h.

  • Stainless steel hopper with glass fibre insulation equipped with a diffuser cone
  • Daily/weekly timer
  • Hinged covers where you can install single-phase/three-phase hopper loader
  • Hopper sizes available from 30-2500L

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