Horizontal Flat Bed Conveyors

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These aesthetically pleasing Horizontal Flat Bed Conveyors from MB Conveyors are a standard means to transport materials between factory processes, across flat terrains, typically from robots and packaging machines.

They are suitable for integration with a wide range of conveyor types to build a system to meet your needs. The standard motor supply voltage is 400 Volts/50 Hz, and standard operating temperature of the belts are -10°C to 90°C.

Fixed standard conveyor speed is 3m/minute.

  • Solid neat construction
  • Reduce manual lifting and associated H&S risks
  • Can be made to order
  • Integrates with robot interface
  • Options are variable speed, indexing and reverse function
  • Capacity total 200kg
  • Length from 1 to 20m


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