Plastic Material Silos

Product Highlights

Summit Systems Plastic Materials Silos are designed for the large-scale storage of materials externally. Silos are used for the storage of raw materials prior to processing and are often the first step in vacuum conveying processes. They may also be used for the collation of materials after in-house granulation then fed back into processing as part of a closed-loop system.

We also provide flexible storage silos as an internal solution; installed inside and designed especially for the space you have available. These flexible silos are made from breathable material, are easy to install and have a lightweight construction. They can be connected to existing pipe work or bespoke options are available.

“The flexible silo utilises height instead of floor space. I can now hold 8 octabins of material in a floor footprint not much bigger than one octabin.” – IAC

  • Material storage 5T – 150T
  • Storage for granulated material and powder
  • Weighing/level control option
  • Complies to safety regulations
  • Explosion protection option
  • Aluminium and flexible option
  • Loading systems available
  • Indoor and outdoor options

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