Sweeper Unloading System

Product Highlights

The Sweeper Unloading System from Maguire, automatically unloads material from bulk boxes. It sweeps the top level of polymer to a slotted pickup tube that vacuums pellets through a flexible suction hose. Its descending and rotational motion maintains uninterrupted action. This includes material swept into the container’s corners, with less than 4kgs of material remains in the container.

  • Portable system
  • Suitable for empty containers with polythene liners
  • Flexible hose and wand assembly that rotates
  • Increases productivity
  • Very competitively priced
  • Various sizes available

What is an Octobin Sweeper?

Octobins are notoriously difficult to completely empty and the pickup probe needs frequent adjustment. The sweeper is designed to remove approximately 99% of virgin material from an octobin-type container.


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