Gravimetric Blenders

Summit Plastics Automation offers over 120 plastic blender products, covering a range of applications and requirements.


Our Gravimetric Blender solutions can help you to reduce material costs, whilst offering unparalleled accuracy and reliability – with machines installed 25 years ago still operating accurately. Over 60,000 of these systems have been sold worldwide; explore our product range below to learn more.

Maguire Gravimetric Blenders

As the UK’s exclusive supplier of the Maguire Gravimetric Blender, Summit Plastics Automation provides solutions for various plastics converting businesses across the UK; including extrusion, injection, and blow moulding applications.

Coupled with a 5-year warranty, these systems have been supported since 1889, so you can be sure your new system will serve you for years.  We offer over 120 models, serving a range of applications and requirements. Find out more about these ranges by clicking the link below.

Small and Medium Gravimetric Blenders

Our small and medium blenders are designed for projects where space-saving is a must.

The Micro Plus Blender, for example, is ideal for small processing machines. This size does not sacrifice functionality, and with a maximum throughput of 140 to 160 kg/h, this machine offers a precision of  ±0.1% of a specified blend (up to a maximum batch size of 1,000g across 4 materials).  It is also equipped with a range of other features, including an easy-access design, remote monitoring with a proprietary 12-12 microprocessor controller, and vibration management technology.

The standard Micro Blender by Maguire offers similar features, but is designed for less demanding applications. Delivering the same ±0.1% precision, it promises a throughput of 40 to 60 kg/h, with a maximum batch size of 400g across up to 4 materials.

Gravimetric Blenders

For large processing applications, we supply the world-famous Maguire WSB Gravimetric blenders. Each system comes with unique features and provides a precision of ±0.1%. We recommend exploring our Maguire Blenders datasheets to find out more – though at a glance, the Gravimetric blender range includes:

  • The 1200 Series. This offers a batch size of up to 12 kg across 12 materials, delivering a maximum throughput of 907 to 2,040 kg/h.
  • The 1800 series, delivers a batch size up to 18 kg across a maximum of 6 materials, and provides a maximum throughput of 1,100 to 1,300 kg/h (depending on your chosen model).
  • The 3000 series, which provides a 30 kg batch size across 12 materials, along with a maximum throughput of 3000 to 3,900 kg/h.

Gravimetric Blender Controllers

Alongside their range of gravimetric blenders, Summit Plastics Automation offers a range of Maguire WSB Blender Controllers. The recent 4088 model, for example, provides a touchscreen which allows for smoother and more efficient user operation and reporting.

This technology allows you to effortlessly manage the conveying, dosing, and blending of your system. It also promises comprehensive material data collection, accounting for every gram. These controllers can easily be retrofitted to the majority of Maguire blenders, allowing you to benefit from the latest control systems.

Extrusion Control Blenders

Summit Plastics Automation also provides the Maguire WXB series ‘Extrusion Control Blender.’ These machines are multifunctional – offering the same capabilities as other weigh scale blenders, but with integrated technology which makes them suitable for every extrusion application.

Equipped with an integrated loss-in-weight mix chamber, this machine can save you up to 10% of your raw materials during extrusion.

After-Sales and Repairs

All of our Maguire products come included with a 5-year warranty. Beyond this, we also offer a range of after-sales services for your peace of mind.
For example, we provide repairs and refurbishment for old equipment that could benefit from a makeover. Here, our dedicated service engineers will endeavour to fix your equipment – to the highest of standards – on-site or in our advanced workshop here in Tamworth (where more advanced restorations are required).

For help optimising your machinery, our engineers also offer preventative maintenance visits. These are designed to increase the life cycle and reduce the risk of unexpected failure in your machinery.

The Applications of Gravimetric Blenders

A gravimetric blender is commonly used to weigh multiple components together (like different plastic materials) and then mix them. This typically takes place before processing in injection moulding, plastics extrusion, or blow moulding.

This allows for a higher accuracy in mixing and blending, which helps to reduce waste materials and ensures consistent product quality. These machines, alongside the blend controllers, also enable improved monitoring and automation, allowing for process optimisation and better quality control. These benefits contribute to a more efficient, cost-effective, and reliable production process.

Gravimetric Blenders – FAQs

A gravimetric blender is used to accurately weigh and mix two or more components before they are processed in machines, like injection moulders or extrusion machines. 

There are two types of blenders: loss in weight and gain in weight. The former measures the weight loss from each hopper using a load cell and uses a controlled dosing rate to achieve the correct blend. The latter, also known as a ‘batch blender,’ uses hoppers above a weigh-pan, dispensing components until the target weight is reached, then blends them.

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