Automatic Box Filling

Product Highlights

Automatic Box Filling System from MB Conveyors, was designed for the automatic feeding of parts from a conveyor belt to several different delivery points. It is often used on ‘lights out’ operations to reduce manpower.

The N-DUCK dispensers was specifically designed to be integrated onto existing MB Conveyors. With a chute rotation range of 360°, in Automatic mode it is possible to set up to 9 unloading points at one time.

The Control Panel of the DUCK can be set to memorise the conveying times from the opening of the mould to arrival in the container. It is also possible to programme the DUCK so that the product is unloaded into the container at various points, thereby avoiding central pyramid accumulation.

The E-DUCK is available as a stand-alone model.

  • Simple and versatile for filling containers
  • 360° rotation for maximum filling capacity
  • Fill multiple boxes
  • Prevent product build up with several filling points
  • Loading conveyor controlled by E-DUCK Control Panel


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