Off-line Dosing Unit

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The MCS Off-line Dosing Add-On is an expansion of the MDS Balance (formerly known as the MCBalance) Gravimetric Dosing Unit, meticulously designed to cater primarily to the medical clean-room market. What makes this Dosing Configuration different from the rest, is that it is mounted away from the production process, but still delivers the expected precision while eliminating the high-risk tasks associated with working on top of injection moulding machines or extruders. This not only ensures greater accuracy but also reduces the influence of vibrations on the dosing process, enhancing overall operational efficiency and safety.

The Off-line dosing add-on simplifies the dosing process by bringing it to ground level and transporting the dosed material through a hose to the material inlet.

  • Minimise high risk work on top of the production machine
  • Perform material changes with ease on ground level
  • Ideal for heavy vibrating production machines
  • Save time on maintenance
  • Transport capacity up to 32 kg/h
  • Configurable with a 6, 12 or 15L Hopper
  • Positioned on a movable trolley or frame


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