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"By investing in the Maguire ULTRA dryers we’ve been able to achieve very real savings in energy costs, especially in view of energy costs rocketing in the last 12 months. This helps in every sense in running our independent business in keeping our costs under control. We offer a range of packaging solutions from food, vitamins to confectionary and the flexibility we can achieve in drying is greatly enhancing our production capabilities for short runs, which is ideal for our custom orders, whilst keeping costs to a minimum".

The service and guidance provided by Summit Systems and their recommendation of the Maguire ULTRA dryers has made great savings and we’re happy to report such positive energy reductions since introducing the vacuum dryer to our processes. We would highly recommend Summit Systems and the Maguire ULTRA dryer to anyone in the industry looking to invest in energy-efficient plastics drying equipment.

Moulded Packaging Solutions

“The longevity of these simple blenders has been well proven over the years. They have survived the test of time in a pretty harsh environment with constant use.”

Alpla UK

“We were finding it impossible to maintain our mould temperature of 8°C using our current set up of a chiller and 2 TCU’s. Summit Chilled installed a Frigel dual zone Microgel combined unit and we are now maintaining a perfect 8°C mould temperature and have reduced our cycle time by 20%. We enjoy a great relationship with Summit Systems so look forward to working with Summit Chilled”

Patterson & Rothwell

“We are currently trialing a Maguire LPD200 from yourselves for the application of PET in ISBM and the results are very promising. We can have resin dry and ready to use in 1 hour 10 minutes giving moisture readings of 30-40ppm” 

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