Optometric Dosing Unit

Product Highlights

The revolutionary Optometric Doser, MDS 200 Compact Feeder from Movacolor, is the new standard for dosing extreme small amounts of masterbatch. It is an ultra-compact dosing unit, able to dose pellet by pellet masterbatches or additives in various shapes and sizes. For different small injection moulding machines, we have adapters available.

The MDS 200 Compact Feeder (formerly known as Micro Doser) is designed for easy installation on all Movacolor neckpieces and is easily operated by means of the Movacolor touch screen controller which enables users to work with recipes and monitor dosages. The dosing disc of the Compact Feeder doses the additive pellet by pellet according to the calculated production capacity, making it possible to dose at ultralow range up to 5 pellets per second.

  • Best in dosing at extremely low dosage rates
  • Only doser on the market that can dose pellet by pellet
  • Highly advanced optical pellet detection system
  • Completely 3D printed body
  • Recipes storage function
  • 8” full colour touch screen
  • Equipped with a quick release coupling, allowing easy colour change


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