ULTRA Dryers

The Maguire ULTRA, only available from Summit Systems, is proven to dry plastics 6 times faster than conventional dryers at 70% less energy usage.


Extremely fast drying technology which uses vacuum and no desiccant. Ideal for optical, medical and technical applications. Typical Maguire “outside the box thinking” with brilliant results added to 70% power saving vs. dehumidifying on this vacuum batch dryer series.


  • Unique system with fast drying in 30 minutes.
  • 6 times less heat stress to the polymer.
  • Fast material changes – less material in process – less to change.
  • Minimal maintenance – no desiccant / no filters / no chilled water.
  • Maguire innovation and quality.
  • Very low energy as no desiccant regeneration is required.
  • 5 year warranty – complete commitment to the product.


  • Improved design obsoletes moving canisters and minimises moving parts.
  • Continuous batch drying process.
  • -40°C dew point air is bled into vacuum and retention hoppers.
  • Vertical design – minimal footprint.
  • Double insulation on all vessels guarantees no heat loss.
  • Reduced maintenance – no desiccant to change – no filters to clean.
  • Faster drying for improved production planning.
  • “No stress” material drying – means no material degradation.
  • Process temperatures from 70°C up to 180°C.
  • Vacuum take-off or gravity feed material discharge available.