Electrical Cabinet Air Conditioners

Product Highlights

This range of Industrial Roof-Mounted Air Conditioners for Electrical Cabinets (Top 11) allow the cooling of cabinets where space is limited, by mounting on the roof on the cabinet.

Within the design careful consideration has been made to maximising the distance between the air inlet and air outlet so short-circuiting of cold air is completely avoided, guaranteeing reliable operation. The return air path guarantees that no condensation builds on the roof of the cabinet. Units are equipped with a condensate sink, without absorption of electrical power, for the reduction or elimination of condensation.

  • Cooling capacity from 300W to 5200W
  • Power supply, 230V and 400/460V
  • Electronic thermostat (available from ETE06)
  • Condensate dissipator (available from ETE14)
  • IP54 Ingress Protection Rating
  • CE, EAC, UL Listed

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