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Industrial Water Cooled Chiller

  • Minimal footprint, self-contained and complete package
  • Configuration up to 850 tons of cooling capacity
  • Easy expansion
  • Automatic free cooling
  • Ensures optimum performance based on operating parameters

Summit Process Cooling is a proud supplier of the Water-Cooled Chillers 3FX from Frigel. These chillers are designed for use with the ECODRY 3DK central adiabatic dry-cooler system, making them an integral part of a digitally controlled, integrated closed-loop cooling system.

The 3FX system offers meticulously engineered automatic free-cooling capabilities, designed for energy conservation and reliable performance. These models have a minimal footprint and boast industry-leading energy efficiency ratios (EER).

With 12 models in this series, we cater to a wide spectrum of applications, from 100 to 600kW. Providing a self-contained and complete package, our solutions are designed to build integrated systems (in a series or parallel configurations).

The 3FX series from Frigel is a range of 12 compact, modular chillers with capacities ranging from 100 to 600kW. These chillers are designed to form an integrated system (for use in conjunction with the ECODRY 3DK central adiabatic dry-cooler system). If required, they can also function as heat pumps and are capable of recovering heat extracted from a process, producing hot water up to 60°C.

The 3FX Series are digitally controlled compact chillers with small footprints and operate on minimal usage of gas, with options including R410A, R4513A and R134A. They are engineered as a self-contained and complete package, consisting of a single-refrigeration circuit, rotary compressor(s), evaporator and condenser.

Their modular design facilitates easy customisation or expansion, allowing for high efficiency and reliability across various industries. Moreover, the Frigel 3DR Intelligent Control System enables automatic monitoring and adjustment of the entire system to ensure peak performance based on operating parameters.

Here at Summit Process Cooling, each system is customised to meet distinctive operational and cooling needs. For more information, please refer to the datasheet provided below.

What is a Water-Cooled Chiller?

A Water-Cooled Chiller is an industrial cooling system that uses water as a medium for heat rejection. It functions by cooling down a fluid, typically water or water glycol, which circulates through a system, absorbing heat from a factory or industrial process. This heated fluid then returns to the chiller, where the heat is rejected.

Water-Cooled Chillers can be contrasted with Air-Cooled Chillers, with the main distinction being their method of heat rejection. In an Air-Cooled Chiller, heat is rejected via air through a coil. The heated fluid goes into the refrigerant, and then the heat is dispelled into the ambient air via coils and fans.

On the other hand, a Water-Cooled Chiller uses a water condenser for heat rejection. The heat absorbed by the fluid is transferred to the water, which is then expelled, often into a body of water like a river. Alternatively, the heated water can be cooled using a cooling tower or adiabatic cooler and pump, then recirculated back into the system.

Water Cooled Chiller

The Applications

Frigel’s Water-Cooled Chillers are vital across numerous industries, serving a key function in temperature management and sustaining optimal conditions for diverse operations and process. These applications include:

  • Food and Beverage: To control temperatures during processing, helping to preserve product quality and safety.
  • Plastics and Rubber: To cool hot plastic that is injected, blown, or extruded. 
  • Chemicals and Petrochemicals: To control the temperature of manufacturing processes and to ensure safe storage of volatile substances.
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical: For precise temperature control in laboratory and manufacturing processes, such as drug formulation.
  • Oil and Gas: To cool machinery and processes, to help improve efficiency and safety.
  • Metalworking, Machining, and Tooling: To cool equipment, preventing overheating and improving precision and productivity.
  • Welding and Cutting Equipment: To maintain the temperature of equipment, preventing overheating and ensuring operational efficiency.
  • Automotive: To cool down industrial machinery and processes, ensuring high precision in manufacturing and assembly.

At Summit Process Cooling, we cater to a wide array of sectors, offering tailored solutions for every industry. Don't hesitate to reach out to us today to address your specific requirements.

Why Choose Our Water-Cooled Chillers?

Our Water-Cooled Chillers provide a range of advantages, which make them a popular choice for various applications. They are praised for their high efficiency and EER rating, denoting their efficiency and ability to conserve energy. This, along with their long lifespan, makes these systems a cost-effective solution in the long term.

The functionality of our Water-Cooled Chillers is not affected by external environmental temperatures, eliminating the chance of unexpected temperature fluctuations. Thus, their operational principles make them highly efficient and reliable, especially in their capacity to quickly lower temperatures in large industrial settings.

Our machines provide you with full authority over your cooling processes. The integration of a Frigel 3DR Intelligent Control system permits automated monitoring and adjustments of your entire system, ensuring peak performance.

The Frigel 3FX Chillers, with their easy installation and modular design, provide the flexibility of full customisation and effortless expansion. This enables us to tailor each system to meet your unique requirements. To learn more about these benefits, explore our recent article on Water-Cooled vs Air Cooled Chillers.

After-Sales and Repairs

After the setup process, our expert remains readily accessible for post-purchase maintenance support, guaranteeing your solution continues to function effectively long into the future.

We offer custom-tailored support for all technological problems, especially during a malfunction. Our objective is to uphold the operational continuity and boost the efficiency of our customer's cooling systems.

This service is not limited to equipment purchased from Summit Process Cooling. We offer the same level of service on any piece of equipment, irrespective of the manufacturer.

Industrial Water Cooled Chillers: FAQs

An Industrial Water-Cooled Chiller is a sophisticated cooling system that utilises water as a heat rejection medium. It operates by cooling a fluid, often water or water glycol, that circulates through a system, absorbing heat from an industrial process or factory. The heated fluid returns to the chiller, where the absorbed heat is rejected.

Unlike Air-Cooled Chillers that reject heat via air through a coil, Water-Cooled Chillers use a water condenser for this purpose. The absorbed heat from the fluid is transferred to the water, which is then expelled, typically into a large body of water such as a river. Alternatively, the heated water can be cooled using a cooling tower or an adiabatic cooler and pump, and then recirculated back into the system, 

This strategic method of heat rejection makes Water-Cooled Chillers an efficient cooling solution for industrial applications.

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