Air Blast Coolers

Summit Process Cooling is a leading supplier of Air Blast Coolers. Also known as ‘Fin Fan Coolers’ or ‘Air Cooled Heat Exchangers’ these systems serve a range of industrial applications and requirements.


These machines utilise surrounding air to extract heat from process fluids like glycol. This fluid travels through a series of finned tubes, as the ambient air is blown over the tube by a fan – causing the fluid to lose heat.

What Is an Air Blast Cooler?

An Air Blast Cooler is an efficient cooling solution that utilises ambient air to reduce the temperature of fluids (like glycol, water, or oil). Unlike Chillers, which use a refrigerant circuit for cooling, Air Blast Coolers use ambient air.

When using ambient air, it’s important to note that you can only cool down fluids to an above-ambient temperature. By comparison, refrigerant circuits can cool them down to below-ambient temperatures.

The Advantages of Air Blast Coolers

These systems provide numerous benefits. They’re easy to install and require less maintenance compared to chiller units, which significantly reduces operational costs. This cost-effectiveness comes without sacrificing performance, as they offer efficient solutions in a compact size. Their reduced footprint is a major advantage, offering an optimal balance between performance and utility.

Moreover, these coolers do not have a refrigeration circuit. This reduces maintenance requirements and eliminates the challenges associated with managing refrigerants. 

When you buy your system from Summit Process Cooling, you can also expect:

  • Units built with high-quality leading brand components.
  • A proven repeat performance.
  • An optional 24-month warranty.
  • Rapid response through Summit's service network. 

The Applications

Air Blast Coolers are integral components in various industries due to their proficiency in reducing excessive heat and maintaining optimal temperatures. They find utility in:

  • The oil and gas industry, ensuring efficient operations in extremely hot environments.
  • Chemical processing plants, to manage and reduce the high heat produced during reactions, preventing potential hazards and maintaining a safe working environment.
  • Power generation plants, where they cool down machines and transformers. This improves the efficiency of power generation and extends the lifespan of the equipment.
  • The food and beverage industry, where they're used for the rapid cooling of products. This preserves the quality of the food or beverages and extends their shelf life.
  • Data centres, to regulate the heat generated by servers. This helps maintain operational efficiency and prevents overheating that could lead to data loss or equipment damage.

Some other notable applications include the metallurgical industry for cooling molten metals, or the automotive industry for cooling engines and maintaining optimal performance.

V-Type Air Blast Coolers

Summit Process Cooling supplies a range of V-Type Air Blast Coolers within this collection. Recognised by their ‘V’ design, these units offer a minimum environmental footprint along with high cooling capacities ranging from 20kW upwards.

Designed for the process industry, they have a proven repeat performance, coupled with an optional 24-month warranty and ongoing expert technical advice. Bespoke designs are available to ensure that our systems meet the needs of even the most demanding of applications.

We are installers of these units and can offer pump skids (and associated components) for a full solution.
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Flat Bed Air Blast Coolers

Our range of Flat Bed Air Blast Coolers begins at 20kW and upward, equipped with factory-installed control panels featuring staged or energy-efficient inverter control. We also offer EC fan control; our control functions are also available on our V-Style Coolers.

As with our other Air Blast Coolers, we offer an additional 24-month warranty. These systems are a popular option due to their relative ease of installation, lower maintenance needs compared to water-based systems, and superior cost-effectiveness.

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Vertical Air Blast Coolers

Our Vertical Air Blast Coolers, are designed to deliver horizontal airflow, offering a reduced environmental impact. They range from 20kW and above, fully equipped with factory-installed control panels featuring staged or energy-efficient inverter controls. These vertical units are perfect for areas with limited horizontal floor space – we also offer EC fan control on these systems.

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Packaged Air Blast Cooler

Our all-in-one solutions are engineered to reduce installation time and expensive on-site work. Each unit comes equipped with a non-ferrous water tank, a single or dual pump system, and a control panel, meaning the only requirements are a mains power supply and a mechanical pipework connection.

Our Packaged Box Coolers have a range that spans from 5kW to 200kW. On the other hand, our Packaged Flatbed Air Blast Coolers start at 150kW and go upwards.

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After-Sales and Repairs


We offer bespoke help and guidance for technical challenges, particularly during system breakdowns. Our goal is to facilitate continuous functioning and enhance productivity for all our clients’ cooling systems, regardless of their service agreement with us.

Our assistance doesn’t stop at our own equipment; we offer comparable support for any type of machinery. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

Cooler Repairs

We recognise the urgency of addressing problems with your Cooling systems, and that’s why we provide fast and effective repair solutions. Our certified professionals are capable of replacing parts and fixing technical issues, often during their initial visit to your site.

Air Blast Coolers – FAQs

An Air Blast Cooler and an Air Cooled Chiller are both cooling systems, but they operate in different ways. An Air Blast Cooler uses ambient air to cool fluids like oil or water. This is achieved by passing the hot fluid through a bundle of finned tubes, with a fan propelling air over these tubes to dissipate heat and cool the fluid.

On the other hand, an Air Cooled Chiller uses a refrigeration circuit and refrigerant, which within the cycle changes state from a liquid to a gas to achieve the cooling effect. This then goes through an evaporator which the process fluid passes, exchanging the heat.

Therefore, the primary difference lies in the unique processes through which they cool fluids and reduce heat.

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