Centrifugal Fan Chillers

Product Highlights

Centrifugal Fan Chillers are cooling systems utilising refrigerants to absorb heat from water or glycol. They employ centrifugal fans to enhance heat exchange, blowing air across condenser coils to release heat efficiently.  These chillers find applications in various sectors for effective cooling, including industrial and commercial settings.

Centrifugal Fan Chillers are an indoor style unit where you can use the duct work to provide space heating, or ducting the heat outside of the building.

  • Efficiency: They provide efficient cooling due to the use of centrifugal fans, enhancing heat exchange and improving overall system performance.
  • Space-saving: They are compact, making them suitable for installations where space is limited.
  • Versatility: Centrifugal Fan Chillers can be used in various applications, including industrial, commercial, and residential settings.
  • Energy savings: Designed for energy efficiency, helping to reduce operating costs and environmental impact. Duct work also contributes towards space heating, helping reduce energy costs to heat your environment.
  • Reliable operation: With fewer moving parts compared to other types of chillers, centrifugal fan chillers offer reliable operation and lower maintenance requirements.
  • Quiet operation: They typically operate with reduced noise levels, making them suitable for environments where noise is a concern.
  • Reliability: Manufacturer with over 50 years experience in innovation and quality.

Product Codes

Compact-ID: Centrifugal Fan Chiller with DC Inverter

TCCITY: unit designed for cooling only.
THCITY: heat pump unit.

Y-PACK C-PF: Centrifugal Fan Chiller without DC Inverter

TCCETY: unit for cooling only.
THCETY: reversible heat pump unit.

Frequently Asked

These chillers offers several advantages, including quiet operation, precise temperature control, energy efficiency, compact design, and ease of installation.

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