Free Cooling Air Conditioners

Product Highlights

This range of high-efficiency precision Air Conditioners (Predator Evolution) is suitable for outdoor applications such as telecom shelters and other enclosures. It includes an AC powered version and a 48VDC version. Cooling capacity from 1000 to 2000W.

The 48VDC version is particularly suitable for telecom cabinets powered by renewable energy sources, solar or wind power, or powered by battery backup, reducing the need to use an inverter.

In addition, both ranges (AC and DC) can be fitted with a Free Cooling System to allow for further consideration reductions in energy costs. Using external air, when the external air temperature is less than the internal one, the cabinet is cooled “without cost” using the ambient air. Where environmental conditions allow, Free Cooling mode is activated meaning only the evaporator fan is in operations, with the compressor and condensers fans being switched off during this time, saving you money and energy.

  • Free Cooling for energy savings
  • Cooling capacity 1000-2000W
  • Wide choice of power supply
  • High EER
  • Internal, external or semi-flush mounting
  • Functioning up to +60°C (ambient temperature)
  • UL Listed, EAC, CE

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