Plastics, Rubber & Packaging

Summit Process Cooling provide high quality cooling equipment into the Plastics and Rubber industry which is designed to meet all your cooling needs.


Summit Process Cooling was formed by Summit Systems, a company that has focused on the material handling market of plastics for over 35 years. We believe our success over this time is understanding our industry and being innovative with new idea’s to support our customer's success.

We understand how important cooling reliability is for our customers and each project is designed to consider the individual site and process requirements. With our experience and extensive range of the latest energy efficient technology, supported by personal dedicated customer service, Summit Process Cooling will provide the best quality temperature control, process cooling, process heating and cooling solutions to maximise your production.


Injection Moulding / Blow Moulding / Thermoforming / Sheet Extrusion / Pipe Extrusion / Bottle Blowing / Rubber Processing / Profile Extrusion


  • Are you looking to expand your current process?
  • Are you looking to install a new process?
  • Are you looking to modify your current system to create a more reliable cooling system?
  • Are you looking to modify your current system to create a lower energy cost system?
  • Are you having issues with your water quality?
  • Are you looking for a full monitoring system of your cooling plant to optimise performance?

If any of the above relate to you, we can help.


Once we have completed the consultancy evaluation and report (FOC), we will provide a quotation to meet your requirements. We have our own project management team who will deliver the project through to completion, then our service team will commission and maintain the system thereafter.


We pride ourselves in being innovative and ahead of the market, so for this to be of maximum success it requires continuous improvement. Once you’re working with Summit Process Cooling, we will endeavour to continue to support you to the highest standard.

We have a 24/7 Emergency Assistance Service with the industries most experienced and skilled engineers to ensure your cooling plants are running continuously at maximum potential.


Currently, we are offering Lease and Hire options as well as the Capital Purchase.

Over 15 years Capital Purchase is the most cost-effective option, with a large investment in the first year.

The Lease option is the second most cost-effective choice, and you will own the system at the end of the lease period, but you hold repair cost responsibility after the warranty period has ended. Therefore, you may experience unexpected repair costs throughout the life of the equipment.

Hire is the most expensive option. You will not own the equipment, but it is a fantastic option to guarantee your monthly costs, and as you don’t own the equipment you are not responsible for any repair work. Every 5 years we replace your unit with a brand-new model, ensuring you are always using the latest equipment on the market.

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