Condenserless Chillers

Product Highlights

Condenserless Chillers provide cooling without the need for a separate water source or cooling tower. They use air as the cooling medium for the refrigeration cycle, making them ideal for areas with limited water availability or where water discharge is problematic.

With simplified maintenance and reduced environmental impact, they're favoured for their flexibility, space-saving design, and suitability for diverse applications, providing efficient cooling without compromising performance or sustainability.

  • Flexibility: Suitable for indoor installation, without the need for a water source or cooling tower, providing flexibility in design and installation.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Eliminating the need for water infrastructure reduces installation and maintenance costs.
  • Space-saving: Less space required compared to water-cooled systems, making them suitable for applications where space is limited.
  • Simplified maintenance: With fewer components and no water-related systems, they have simpler maintenance requirements, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Environmentally friendly: They eliminate the need for water consumption and discharge, reducing environmental impact and meeting sustainability goals.
  • Reliability: Manufacturer with over 50 years experience in innovation and quality.

Product Codes

EasyFLOW ECO/EasyFLOW: Water-Cooled Condenserless Chiller

TCHETU: unit designed for cooling only with R454B gas.
TCHETY: unit designed for cooling only with R410A gas.
THHETU: heat pump unit with R454B gas.
THHETY: heat pump unit with R410A gas.

EasyFLOW ECO E/EasyFLOW E: Cooling Only Condenserless Chiller

TCEETU: unit designed for cooling only with R454B gas.
TCEETY: unit designed for cooling only with R410A gas.

Frequently Asked

These chillers offer efficient cooling without external condenser units, suitable for space-limited installations. They ensure high performance and energy efficiency through advanced technology, with durable components for reliability and ease of maintenance.

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