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Summit Systems was established in 1990 and has become a market leader in automated materials handling, primarily in the plastics field. We can supply everything you need to make your production more efficient & competitive. We support your investment with a team of highly skilled, regionally based Service & Installation Engineers

From Material Storage, Conveying and Loading through to Blending, Colouring and Drying. Magnetic Platens, Robots, Parts Conveying, Sprue Separation and Granulation of scrap. We can supply individual machines or complete systems specifically designed for your operation. Call Us Now 01827 265 800

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Latest Summit News

Inverter Controlled Pump Claws Back Cost

Businesses around the UK are retrofitting Inverter Controlled Claw Pumps to enhance existing Material Feed Systems. The state of the art pump technology, available from Summit Systems enhances the vacuum driven flow of plastic pellets around factories, saving energy, material and breakdowns.

29th January 2016read more

New Technology for Drying Optimisation

Summit Systems is excited to announce the new ‘Flux’ for optimal drying of plastics. The Flux works by continuously monitoring drying parameters to enable precise dehydration of plastics. Its ability to optimise drying conditions in real time saves considerably on energy, material degradation and time.

29th January 2016read more

The First Material Dryer for use Inside Clean Rooms

Summit Systems Low Energy Rotor Wheel Dryer for Medical Use, is the first material dryer to be proven for use inside clean rooms having achieved ISO 7 industry standards. Medical customers can now integrate kit with confidence into cleanrooms, devoid of the risk of exceeding particulate caps. This will allow manufacturers to save considerably in costs by reducing conveying needs and freeing premium space.

28th January 2016read more

Manufacturing Equipment to Amaze

Summit Systems was astounded by the power and class of manufacturing equipment housed at the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in Coventry. The company was treated to a tour of the world leading facility, which was set up to develop manufacturing processes and technology in partnership with industry and academia, following its attendance at the ‘Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, Automotive Components Section’ meeting this week.

23rd November 2015read more

One Small Granulator, One Giant Leap for Mankind

The Goliath Plus Granulator has made a giant leap forward with its new metal detection capability. Bolts, screws and tools will no longer wreak havoc on blades and taint regrind thanks to this latest innovation. It responds to the presence of metal by slamming on the brakes and sounding an alarm, protecting mechanics and preventing contamination.

17th November 2015read more

Top in Class for Movacolor Doser Deliveries

Summit Systems is delighted to have been awarded ‘Best Performing Distributor’ for its supply of Movacolor Dosers to the UK plastics ancillary market. The award is based on an outstanding performance over the 2014-2015 period seeing 170 units sold.

13th November 2015read more

BPF Dinner Definitely NOT a Ratner

Gerald Ratner, infamous for a gaffe that brought his jewelry empire to its knees, entertained guests at Thursday’s 82nd British Plastic Federation dinner. He reminisced on those famous lines that caused the demise of the Ratner Group empire during an Institute of Directors Conference in 1991.

2nd November 2015read more

Driverless Cars Could Save 90% of Road Deaths

A 90% leap in road safety was amongst the thought-provoking topics discussed at last week’s Society...

23rd October 2015read more

Finalist Hat Trick

Summit Systems is delighted to win a hat trick of finalist accolades at this year’s Plastic Industry Awards hosted by comedian Alan Davies. The plastics ancillary business was recognised in the ‘Ancillary Machinery Partner’, ‘Best Technology Application of the Year’, and ‘Trainee of the Year’ awards.

20th October 2015read more

National Living Wage to Drive Productivity?

The first step toward a £9 per hour National Living Wage takes effect this month as minimum wages...

5th October 2015read more

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