Summit Systems was incorporated

Where many of his peers might’ve been using empty garages to practice becoming the next Spandau Ballet, Mike Jordan chose to use one to start up a business selling plastics ancillary equipment. After breaking away from his family business in injection moulding at Midlands-based Peerless Foam Moulding, Jordan joined a small company in Telford. After four years, he saw an opportunity to combine the best innovations with quality service and Summit Systems was incorporated.

First employee, Chris Bailey

“Funded by good faith and a small loan, we lined up MB conveyors, Moretto loading and drying equipment and the unique Maguire blender, which was something like the industry had never seen, and so with that we were off ,” explained Jordan. Accompanied by colleague, Chris Bailey, the first employee on the payroll and who still works with Summit 30 years later, the company started selling.

chris bailey

Summit's first Interplas led to big things

After deciding to exhibit for the first time at UK plastics trade show, Interplas, the Chairman of the UK’s biggest packaging company requested a trial of the Maguire blenders on display, leading to the sale of hundreds of units.


Summit's first Installation

Later that year, after the installation of its first central material handling systems the garage workspace was "starting to burst at the seams" according to Jordan, who decided to upgrade to bigger premises.

first inst

Oil's well that ends well

The premises of choice for Summit's growing business was an oil-contaminated factory, which, with the help of his local rugby club mates, was fully refurbished before the firm occupied the space as its new home.

Rugby mates PS

A blue note

As the business grew, so did its portfolio of blue-chip customers. Recognising the need to increase the service provision for such high-profile businesses needing the security of full-cover, Summit implemented a 24/7 service offering. "We were the first company of our type to introduce a genuine guaranteed service," continued Jordan. "It's something we've continued ever since."


Hot space

Following further expansion, the company began to run out of space, leading to the building of a new warehouse, resulting in 50% increased capacity.

Moving on up

Despite the increase in warehouse space, continued growth saw Summit move for a third time. However, this time the company took up residence in a new, 2,700 sq. ft. factory in Tame Park, Tamworth - opened by the Chairman of the UK's biggest packaging company. Combined with Maguire Europe, the premises gave plenty of room for growth and is still where the company is based today - over 20 years later!


Taste for success

When the Plastics Awards introduced its first 'Ancillary' category, Summit entered and subsequently triumphed as 'Supplier of the Year'. The trophy gave the firm a taste for awards success, becoming the first in a long line of accolades.

industry awards

New partnerships galore!

In addition to the new supplier partnership with Plastic Systems, Summit also added Tecnomagnete products to its' range, which offered customers reduced tool-change times and improved productivity, as well as products from Movacolor. "As the world leader in gravimetric dosing machines, once we added Movacolor products to our offering we experienced phenomenal growth company to volumetric counterparts," recalled Jordan.

New Project

Branching out

In order to give better control and prices for all integration products, bins and bespoke items, the company established Summit Fabrications, adding yet another arm to the growing business.

New Project 4


Always on the lookout for new products to add to Summit's portfolio, 2008 marked the year where a pioneering Jordan was persuaded to test a Vismec dryer - a decision that turned out to be hugely beneficial for the company. " Vismec’s owners asked me to test this new 'revolutionary rotary dryer,", explained Jordan. "After some persuasion we agreed, and I am so glad we did! The product was incredibly well received and became the best-selling dehumidifying dryer on the market."

Other new products added included items from Zerma's size reduction range. "This became an important addition, especially considering recycling was so 'en-vogue'," Jordan continued.

New Project 1

Labor saving the day

After years of being asked for automatic bag splitting devices due to spot purchasing, Summit started supplying the Laborsave fully automated system.

Laborsave3 1

MO-DI-TEC and Tria join the growing list of suppliers

Whilst Zerma helped grow the company's offering in recycling machinery, Summit added both Moditec, for no-dust specialist applications, as well as teaming up with Tria to dominate the blow moulding and extrusion market for high quality production scrap reclamation.

tria moditec

Boomerang Plastics

'Boomerang Platics' was set-up to understand recycling first hand. Boomerang focussed on recycling contaminated plastic packaging, utilising recycling machinery produced by Summit's recycling portfolio.

New Project 5

'A booming shame!

'Unfortunately, in early 2016, the company decided to pull the plug on Boomerang after four years of operation. "We were simply ahead of our time," said Jordan. "Boomerang would be a huge success with the new approach to recycling, it is a shame".

The best company to work for in the plastics industry

Summit Systems was crowned one of ‘The Best Companies to work for in the Plastic Industry’. The award was presented at the PDM exhibition in Telford during an exclusive prize giving lunch. “This is a fantastic achievement for the Summit Systems team, who make our business such a great place to work. I am fortunate to be surrounded by such a positive culture which encourages performance and ensures our people enjoy coming to work.”

best place to work full

Cool runnings

Summit Systems started to expand its range after some extensive research, partnering with Frigel, the Italian temperature control specialists. This partnership lead to the formation of Summit Chilled, a new division for the company, offering "process cooling with a difference."

Frigel Logo

The year of technology

In what Jordan describes as "the year of technology", Summit employed three new engineers focusing on Industry 4.0. The new engineers developed IoT solutions integrated with Summit Systems supervisory system.

By offering IoT solutions specifically tailored for plastics manufacturers, Summit could now empower customers to take a step change in how they collect and analyse data to support the universal quest to reduce costs and improve productivity.

summit vision 1

Things are about to get chilly!

Summit Systems announces the expansion of its temperature control division with the acquisition of Total Process Cooling (TPC) Ltd.

tpc frigel

The Big 3-0

Turning 30 in 2019, Jordan says the focus was to keep his "eyes and ears open" for new products that provide accuracy, energy efficiency and production savings, as well as unveiling "a few exciting technological advancements." But who could predict what 2020 would bring?

The pandemic strikes

The COVID-19 pandemic hits the world in February 2020, and rather than furloughing all staff during the inevitable quiet months, Jordan created the Summit Defence Shields. Protective COVID shields for all industries to enable safe working. Mike Jordan stated “there’s nothing like it in the market today. You can’t get the plastic for the majority of designs.”

The MP for Tamworth, Christopher Pincher, described the unique new range of protective plastic defence screens being produced by Summit Systems as “a fantastic example of some clever innovation and skill.”


Winners of The Horners Award 2020

Mike Jordan and the Summit Defence team are unbelievably proud to have been awarded the winners of The Horners Award 2020 – Outstanding Innovation and Design for their Summit Defence Shields.

Jordan commented: “The team have worked solidly throughout the COVID-19 period and the award is truly deserved, well done team!”


Summit Systems becomes ISO9001:2015 certified

In November 2021, Summit Systems were pleased to announce that the business achieved ISO9001:2015 certification. Ongoing implementation of the ISO systems and quality improvements will directly increase value to the loyal customer base, increasing customer satisfaction rates, which is crucial to Summit Systems.

Ian Lowe, Operations Director, “Achieving ISO9001 certification is affirmation of the quality levels Summit Systems has strived to deliver for over 30 years and will now frame this desire to keep enhancing both our products and service levels we offer our customers for many years to come.”


Plastics industry ambassador 2021

Mike Jordan received the prestigious Plastics Industry Ambassador Award at the 2021 Plastics Industry Awards.

“I love this plastics industry, there are so many talented people within it, and so many talented suppliers and customers,” he continued by voicing his admiration to his Summit Systems colleagues, “I am privileged to be part of Summit Systems. That team inspires me on a daily basis and without them it wouldn’t be worth getting up in the morning.”

Mike Jordan Plastics Industry Ambassador Award 1

RIO Oceans Integrity partnership

Summit Systems partnered with Oceans Integrity in a bid to drastically improve the ocean clean-up movement.

Oceans Integrity are working meticulously to rectify the growing issue of ocean plastics, creating a better planet and a more sustainable future, and Summit Systems are proud and excited to be a part of it.

Oceans Integrity Oceans Clean Up 1

Hitting the SUMMIT at Plastics Live 2022

Summit Systems joined key players within the plastics industry as launch partners for the inaugural event of Plastics Live, held at the Coventry Building Society Arena, July 5th – 6th 2022.

Kelsey Taylor, Marketing Manager, "Summit Systems are fierce advocates of the plastics industry and will continue to provide top quality products and services across the UK, and Plastics Live was the perfect chance for us to further promote this.”

Plastics Live Summit Systems