Leading the Way in Workplace Health and Safety

26 March 2024

Health & Safety at Work is at the heart of everything we do.

As World Day for Safety and Health at Work approaches next month, Summit Systems is proud to share our unwavering commitment to prioritising the health and safety of our employees across all areas of business operations. At Summit Systems, safety isn't just a priority; it's a culture embedded in every aspect of the organisation. Central to this commitment is the robust Health and Safety Committee, who get together regularly to address near misses and explore new initiatives aimed at further enhancing workplace safety. 

Workplace Health and Safety

Additionally, recognising the importance of mental health, we have also invested in the training to create a dedicated team of inhouse Mental Health First Aiders. Available to every employee, these trained colleagues can offer vital support, ensuring that everyone has access to the assistance they need, whether work-related or personal. 

Furthermore, we proudly report an excellent record in site safety, with our engineering team constantly achieving an exceptional result in our onsite safety audits. Over the last seven months, not a single low, medium, or high-risk issue has been reported during these unscheduled audits. This remarkable accomplishment underscores the unwavering commitment of our entire team to comply with health and safety protocols and regulations, as well as site specific requirements. 

A recent employee survey conducted, further underscores the company's dedication to fostering a safe and supportive work environment. An overwhelming 95% strongly agreed that leadership values their safety in the workplace, while an impressive 97% expressed a strong understanding of health and safety rules. 

"Health and Safety is at the heart of everything we do at Summit Systems," said Rebecca Evans, Health & Safety Co-Ordinator. "Our staff are our most valuable asset, and their well-being remains our utmost priority. We are immensely proud of our achievements in creating a workplace culture that prioritises safety and fosters a supportive environment for all."