Summit Systems Joins Forces with AMUT for Local Support in UK & Ireland!

19 October 2023

AMUT & Summit Systems: New Partnership Announcement

Summit Systems is thrilled to announce its recent partnership with AMUT, the esteemed Italian manufacturer of high-quality extrusion lines and recycling plants. With a legacy spanning over three decades in the plastics industry, Summit Systems has built a reputation for its unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and an unrelenting passion for the sector. In pursuit of this shared vision, Summit Systems are proud to embark on this joint endeavour, aimed at enhancing their existing customers experience and offering a more localised and focused service right here in the UK. 

This milestone partnership comes at an opportune time, as it aligns with Summit Systems' core commitment to customer-centric solutions and provides a remarkable opportunity to amplify AMUT's world-renowned product range. By combining Summit Systems' extensive hands-on experience in a wide range of applications, including the operation of their recycling hot wash plant, with AMUT's outstanding extrusion lines and recycling technology, the collaboration will undoubtedly offer customers a world-class solution. 

Stay tuned for more exciting developments as Summit Systems and AMUT embark on this journey to revolutionise the plastics industry. 

About Summit Systems: 

Summit Systems, established in 1989, is a pioneering force in the plastics industry, renowned for its passion, dedication, and customer-focused solutions. With a strong commitment to innovation and service, Summit Systems has earned its place as a trusted partner to businesses within the Plastics Industry across the United Kingdom and Ireland. 

About AMUT: 

A distinguished Italian manufacturer, has built a stellar reputation for its high-quality extrusion lines and recycling plants. With a history of excellence, they are a global leader in providing cutting-edge technology and solutions for the plastics industries globally. 


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