‘Wheelie’ Good Wheelie Bin Storage from Summit Systems

16 August 2017

Disposing of waste can be a time-consuming task and is preferred to be executed with efficiency and ease. Particularly in an industrial environment where time is money, wheelie bin storage can be an unwanted and unwelcomed issue.

The team here at Summit Systems are proud manufacturers of material storage bins, vacuum loaders and more. Summit offer an integrated service with a cohesive operational system that makes waste disposal and wheelie bin storage a quick, fuss-free duty.

Customisable wheelie bin storage at Summit Systems

Storage space is a common wheelie bin issue. They can consume valuable space (and many businesses often sacrifice the quality of their waste storage solutions for this reason). Summit Systems’ wheelie bins can be manufactured bespoke to their application and, as a result, do not require unnecessary space.

Extra features exclusive to Summit Systems wheelie bins include:

  • Colour coded lids
  • An abundance of inlet options
  • Various shapes and sizes
  • A handle bar for easy usage

Cost effective, industrial bin solutions

For industrial use, there are two main waste disposal solutions: galvanized/metal bins or polymer-based plastic storage bins. Due to our extensive experience over the years, Summit Systems have developed a range of bins that have a selection of benefits:

  • Easy clean process – plastic bins can be hosed down with ease and efficiency. In addition, the process of cleaning them does not need to take place as regularly as metal bins. Nevertheless, it is important to ensure that all waste disposal bins are cleaned at regular intervals to ensure maximum longevity.
  • Chemical resistance - it is important that wheelie bins used in industrial applications are robust and chemically resistant. The plastic material utilised is resilient to a broad range of chemicals. If a business is using a metal wheelie bin on the shop floor, the constant exposure to different chemicals can cause the material to degrade which can overtime become costly.
  • Reasonably prices - our limited stock, wheelie bin storage solutions start at only £77. This is an extremely cost effective solution to an everyday issue. Speak to a Technical Sales Engineer today to find out what you can do to reduce cost and increase the efficiency of your working environment.

The development of our expertise over the years has allowed us to develop a broad range of high quality products. Find out more about our storage solutions by clicking here.