Maguire ULTRA Vacuum Dryer 68kg/h

Equipment Description

Maguire Vacuum Batch Dryer ULTRA Dryer, 150lb/h (68kg/h).
High Heat 350F/180C.
Complete with extra options: OPDVB-11-0150 Touchscreen – OPDVB-18-0150 Membrane purge/blanketing – OPDVB-03-0150 3ph monitoring.
  • Save Production Time – Up to x6 faster drying with quicker startup and material changes
  • Save on Energy Cost – Save on average 60 to 70% energy when compared to alternative dryers
  • Save on Maintenance – ULTRA dryers require no periodic maintenance, so no unwanted downtime
  • Save CO2 Emissions – ULTRA dryers reduce energy usage and save equivalent CO2e tonnage
  • Save Material Quality- Important material integrity is protected with less exposure to heat






Dryer in good condition. Year of Manufacture 2022. 10% off RRP.

Discount Price: £17,999

Original Price: £20,013

Warranty: 48 months

Reference: EX01113

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