Maguire Blender WSB 140

Equipment Description

The Maguire Blender is the most popular and reliable gravimetric blender worldwide. Robust hardware integrated with industry leading software control. Consistent accuracy that’s simple and easy to use.

1kg batch blender, 4 dispense valves. Comes with blender stand, flow control valve 50mm outlet box.

Features and Benefits:
– Ideal for small processing machines
– Reduced weight and footprint
– Overall precision of ±0.1% of specified blend
– Compressed air gun for quick cleanout included
– Easy access to all material contact surfaces of the machine including hoppers, weigh bin, and mixing chamber permits rapid colour change without the use of tools
– Proprietary microprocessor-control technology monitors and confirms the weight of each ingredient/touch-screen optional
– Compensation is made when a variation in dispense weight is detected
– Vibration weighing management

YoM 2021

Discount Price: £10,999

Original Price: £14,262

Warranty: 24 months

Reference: EX01010

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