LaborSave; the revolutionary sack opening & emptying solution

10 May 2023

LaborSave is the revolutionary automated sack opening and emptying system that is changing the game for businesses across the UK and Ireland.

LaborSave is innovative technology designed to tackle the labour-intensive task of bag opening and emptying, providing an unparalleled solution to a challenging problem. With more than 99.99% emptying of raw materials, a significant reduction in labour costs, and minimised contamination risks, LaborSave is an automated solution that offers businesses immediate benefits across various industries.

For many businesses, the process of bag opening and emptying is a labour-intensive and time-consuming task that results in high levels of raw material wastage. This makes the process both expensive and unsustainable. However, the LaborSave offers an automated solution that delivers unparalleled efficiency, while at the same time significantly reducing the risks of contamination. 

So how does it work?

The pallet with sacks is initially loaded into the loading dock by forklift. With each cycle, the bag/sack opener mechanically grips a layer of sacks from the pallet, executes a clean cut with negligible material loss and no contamination risk, shakes and empties the sacks into a hopper. Empty sacks are then compressed into a collection bin or automatic compactor.

The machine will handle on average 1300 sacks per hour using its fully automatic function. It can be used in a wide range of applications using granules and powders, including plastics, foodstuffs, and chemicals. The automated system will handle most types of sacks, including plastic, paper, and burlap. It can also handle most methods of sack arrangement on the pallet and inclinations of up to 25cm.

LaborSave is more than just a technological solution. It is a smart investment that offers immediate benefits for businesses across various industries, including plastics, foodstuffs, and chemicals. By automating the bag opening and emptying process, businesses can reduce labour costs and minimise the risks of contamination, while maximising profits and achieving a zero-waste solution. 

In addition to reducing costs and increasing efficiency, LaborSave is also a reliable and safe solution that prioritises employee well-being. The system offers unparalleled safety, ensuring that employees are not exposed to any potential risks associated with traditional bag opening and emptying processes. 

LaborSave is a game-changing solution and the first and most efficient fully automated sack emptying system in the world, available exclusively in the UK and Ireland from Summit Systems. This revolutionary system offers a clean-cut solution to keeping costs down while maximising profits, requiring no manpower and delivering a zero-waste solution.  

Contact Summit Systems today and discover the many benefits of LaborSave for your business. 

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