Revolutionise Your Business with Summit Vision IoT: Introducing the Future of Connected Technology

12 April 2019

Summit Vision, a new IoT division from multi award-winning Summit Systems, a UK distributor of plastics industry ancillary equipment and solutions based in Tamworth. Summit Vision will focus on Internet of Things (IoT) solutions including sensors for monitoring energy, conditions and fixed assets managed by long distance Wireless Radio Frequency transmitters, control tools and dashboards.

For almost 30 years Summit System’s strategic goal has been to provide solutions to the Plastics Manufacturing sector that drive greater efficiencies and less wasteful production. Combining their extensive plastics industry knowledge with market leading IoT technology aligns firmly against their strategic goal. By offering IoT solutions with Summit Vision, specifically tailored for plastics manufacturers, they are empowering customers to take a step change in how they can collect and anlayse data to support the universal quest to reduce costs and improve productivity.

Jem Hudson, newly appointed Summit Vision Lead and Head of all things IoT at Summit Systems said: “IoT has a wide and varied scope, from the smart home to smart car and smart city. But we need to ask what does IoT really mean to plastics manufactures facing global competition, tighter regulation and increasing energy costs?” Jem continues to explain that, “IoT in plastics manufacturing really comes into play when the manufacturer is asking questions that begin with ‘I’d really like to know when or if or what …’ capturing and utilising data that isn’t readily accessible is the key to providing the answers to help improve production processes, identify issues and pre-emp failures that cause unscheduled downtime”

Summit Systems’ customers have two recurring areas of focus with their first phase IoT deployments:

1. Developing a detailed understanding of power consumption at a machine, ancillary equipment, or production line level

At this level of granularity of power monitoring the customer can:
• Get an immediate view on the ongoing power cost per cycle/per shot of a production process.
• Compare energy efficiencies of a mixed estate of production systems.
• Use detailed historical data to support new energy saving investment decisions.

2. Condition Monitoring and Alerting

Using a variety of sensors feeding data to central dashboards Summit is able to:
• Alert maintenance teams when a motor exceeds pre-set vibration levels.
• Provide alerts when water pressures move out of normal operating parameters, eg on heat exchangers and water filtration units.
• Identify amp levels that exceed normal operating levels for preventive maintenance. e.g. vacuum pumps working harder than normal can indicate vacuum issues to investigate before system failures. Or a granulator with an upward curve on its amp readings suggest blade health issues.

These examples are starting points. Summit have sensors to measure just about anything in the plastics factory from temperatures, pressures, vibrations, and power consumption through to buildings management, asset tracking, weather stations, legionella control and even people monitoring.

For further information on Summit Vision, please contact our IoT product manager Jem Hudson: