Transform your operations with Industrial IoT for the Plastics Industry

06 April 2020

Think big, start small, learn fast and minimise time-to-time value, with IoT for the Plastics Industry.

Watch Jem's quick presentation on Summit IoT dashboards - helping customers visualise what's going on on the factory floor. Presented by Jeremy Hudson, Summit IoT Product Manager.

The plastics industry is one of the biggest industries in the world, and with an ever-increasing demand for more sustainable and efficient production processes, the need for innovation has never been more significant. This is where Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) comes in, providing real-time data insights and predictive analytics that can revolutionize the way the industry operates. Summit Systems, a leading supplier of plastics machinery and ancillary equipment, recognises the potential of IoT and has developed solutions to monitor and optimise various processes. These solutions can help with material usage, energy consumption, and machine performance, leading to improved operational efficiency and reduced waste.

Furthermore, Summit IoT dashboards offer customers a clear and concise way to visualize their factory floor operations, allowing them to make informed decisions based on the data insights provided. By embracing IoT technology, companies can stay competitive in the plastics industry and meet the increasing demand for sustainable and efficient production processes.

Summit Systems' commitment to IoT innovation shows that the future of the plastics industry is bright and efficient.