Efficient Cooling Achieved with Free Cooling Chiller

17 April 2023

Summit Process Cooling Helps Aerospace Company Achieve High Efficiency Cooling with Free Cooling Chiller Unit

Summit Process Cooling, a British Process Cooling Solutions provider and part of the wider Summit Systems Group, have recently assisted an Aerospace Company in the West Midlands, with the replacement of their hire chiller unit. 

Our customer needed a highly efficient solution to cool their on-site vacuum and diffusion pump motors, as their existing refrigeration-only air-cooled chiller unit resulted in extremely high monthly running costs. We were able to offer a free-cooling air-cooled chiller unit, which would achieve 100% cooling with fan power only for 19% of the year, allowing the compressors to turn off and reducing electrical usage as well as run hours on the compressors. 

The customer approached Summit Process Cooling through online marketing, and although they had an existing quotation from a different company, they felt the cost was too high for the equipment offered. We were able to offer an improved unit at a lower cost than original quoted, and as a new customer, a site visit was conducted to fully understand the application and ensure we were supplying the right equipment for the job.

During the site visit, we established that the customer's main focus was on lowering their kWh usage on site, and we were able to achieve this for our customer with a new chiller unit. The customer also needed the chiller units to be replaced with as little downtime as possible, which our efficient and experienced team was able to achieve successfully. 

The product supplied was the MRS191 EC BP FC air-cooled, packaged chiller, which was fitted with an integral free cooler that provided 41 kW of free cooling. The chiller unit had many advantages, including an inbuilt free cooling coil controlled by the chiller unit's control panel, a purpose-built industrial chiller unit, a compact design, a large buffer tank, a high-pressure pump, and pre-wiring with a flying lead for simple installation.

The chiller unit was also part of a consistent and proven product line for 30 years, with high-quality European components readily available in the UK, a generous-sized internal tank to avoid system issues and premature compressor failure, and personalisation options to meet individual requirements. Summit Process Cooling also provided expert technical advice and rapid response and support through their service network. 

Our customer is forecasted to save £3,194 annually with a return on investment of 1.29 years. They have also opted to hold a 2-year service plan with Summit Process Cooling, which allows us to provide a full warranty to the equipment. 

In summary, we were able to help our new customer in achieving their goal of lowering their kWh usage with a highly efficient chiller unit, while also minimising downtime during the replacement process. They will see significant annual savings and have the added benefit of a 2-year service plan with Summit Process Cooling for full warranty support. 

If you’re considering installing a retrofit Free Cooler onto your chiller system and want to discuss your options, get in touch with one of our experts today.