Automation Engineer Internship Success

9 May 2022

In February 2022, following the application process in connection with the WMG, the University of Warwick, Zain Mahmood joined the Research and Development Department at Summit Systems in Tamworth, for a 12-week Automation Engineer Internship.

Zain has a glowing academic career, with a Bachelor of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering from City University of London and he is also working towards a Master of Engineering in Mechatronics and Robotics from the University of Leeds. As a result of the selection process, Zain was deemed the perfect fit for the company.

Due to the increased opportunities and the expansion of the R&D department at Summit Systems, 2022 was the perfect year to take on an intern. Working alongside Wade Grindley, R&D Manager, and Daniel Jefferies, Automation Engineer, Zain was assigned a project where he was able to use the knowledge from his degrees to create and develop new technologies and software for Summit Systems.

The scope of this 12-week project was to create a cloud-based user interface for Summit Vision. This was achieved in the early stages of his internship, which led to him developing additional aspects of Summit Vision.

His achievements:

  • Created a cloud-based user interface for Summit Vision.
  • Updated the Summit Vision user interface.
  • Enhanced the interface for the Maguire products within Summit Vision.
  • Presented the newly developed features of Summit Vision, to secure an order from a new customer.
  • Start the development on a new product interface for the Maguire blender.

Automation Engineer Internship

Wade Grindley, “Having Zain with us for the last 12-weeks has been great, during this time he has been a valued member of the R&D Team. He has been able to complete all projects assigned to him in a fraction of the time set. His ambition to learn and grow in this role has been fundamental to the development of the Summit Systems Supervisory System. He has a great work ethic, and it has been a pleasure having him in our team and we wish him success in his future endeavours.”


Zain, “I cannot thank Summit Systems enough for this opportunity. Wade and Daniel have been excellent at helping me to develop my skills and knowledge of the products and systems. I would recommend Summit Systems to anyone considering an internship in Research and Development.”

Following the success of his internship with Summit Systems, Zain has pursued roles closer to his hometown of Manchester which will further allow him to develop his skills and knowledge.

Summit Systems are proud to have been able to support Zain in his skills and career development and wish him all the luck for his new role and have no doubt that he will succeed in all that his does in the future.