Summit Systems Helps Anglesey Sea Zoo Turn the Tide on Plastic Waste

15 August 2019

Faced with the undeniable effects of the disastrous tide of plastic pollution, Anglesey Sea Zoo has recently received a donation from Summit Systems of a new plastics granulator to help tackle plastic waste.

Anglesey Sea Zoo has collaborated with a leader in recycling equipment, Summit Systems, who supply specialist machinery for recycling to the UK plastics industry. They are also advising them on the best course of action to take with regards to capturing and collecting waste plastic on and around Anglesey.

Dan Jordan, Materials Manager at Summit, says “It’s my mission to make sure that the UK recycles more plastic packaging. This saves the huge transport costs of shipping materials for recycling abroad, and also makes the recycled material available to processors in the UK.”

The granulation unit will size reduce redundant waste plastic into flakes, allowing the material to enter the recycling system for reuse rather than landfill or incineration and Anglesey Sea Zoo will be putting it into action over the summer.

Anglesey Sea Zoo has drawn up new plans to phase-out single-use plastics. Our mission is to capture and collect waste plastic materials, size reduce them and send the flakes to UK manufactures to add to their material input to achieve a circular economy while keeping it out of the ocean. We have introduced more recycled plastic in our packaging by working with suppliers. Let’s get Schools involved and encourage our community to get involved in Green activities through Beach Cleans, Plastic Granulation and Separation as well as Environmental Talks.

Frankie Hobro, Owner and Director of Anglesey Sea Zoo “As a business that uses plastic packaging, we have a pivotal role in changing our unsustainable dynamic and continue to invest in our environmental values within our business model. We are also conscious of the larger picture of carbon footprint reduction; something plastics has played a key role in reducing. Understanding plastic packaging and how to stop the pollution of it is a huge motivation in our quest.”

Sarah Meakin, Aquarium Manager, adds “Marine litter is a global issue, but we shouldn’t let that discourage us from doing our bit. Everyone can make small changes such as using reusable bags and refillable cups which, although they may seem insignificant on the individual level when added together will make a massive difference. As a professional in the marine environment, it is our duty to educate our children on what to do and how they can help towards a sustainable future.”

Anglesey Sea Zoo believes in leading by example, and communities have always been encouraged to get involved in green activities through our regular community beach cleans.

Louisa Lawrence, Marketing and Communications Manager “We may not be the largest attraction in North Wales, but we have an impact, so it’s important that we keep collaborating with experts and keep pushing together to make the biggest difference possible. It’s a big task and a big ask, but we can all do our bit to help. We will continue to work with other significant Ambassadors, Green Key, SAS and Keep Wales Tidy on our journey by sharing facts, posting key data and busting the media myths.”

To get involved in Anglesey Beach Cleans and Plastic Grinding, join Anglesey Sea Zoo’s Facebook Page.