6 Great Benefits of Hiring a Chiller from Summit Process Cooling

01 May 2023

We understand how important cooling reliability is when hiring a chiller. Summit Process Cooling have the highest quality Chillers and Air Handling Units available for hire. Our Hire Solution allows us to cater to any type of customer, no matter the size of your requirement or the industry you are in.

When it comes to process water cooling, reliability is of utmost importance. Businesses that rely on cooling systems must have a backup plan in place to ensure that their operations can continue running even in the event of an equipment breakdown. In such cases, hiring a chiller is a cost-effective and practical solution. 

Rental equipment can be used to cover temporary breakdowns of existing machines, seasonal equipment needs, or to spread the costs of equipment. 

Our hire fleet includes the latest technology and has been designed to provide a nationwide next-day cooling solution for all areas of process water cooling. Our team of experts will assess your cooling requirements, match a specific hire unit to suit your process, and ensure you are back on track as soon as possible.

✔️ UK next day delivery and installation services
Our hire fleet includes the latest technology and has been designed to provide a nationwide next-day cooling solution for all areas of process water cooling. 

✔️ F-Gas Certified engineers
Our engineers are F-Gas certified, ensuring that customers receive the highest-quality service possible. F-Gas qualification is required to work on refrigeration systems, making Summit Process Cooling's team of engineers highly qualified and competent. 

✔️ Units can connect to existing equipment 

The Chiller and AHU units available are compatible with all existing cooling systems. Installation is quick and hassle-free.

✔️ Chiller commissioning 

Whether you opt to purchase or hire a chiller, our engineers will ensure all is operating to design, providing peace of mind, and ensuring your cooling system gets off to the best possible start. 

✔️ Repair included 

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a chiller is that you are not responsible for any repair work, as you do not own the equipment. This is a fantastic opportunity to keep costs down and ensure your monthly payments remain the same.  

✔️ Replacement unit every 5 years 

Every 5 years we replace your unit with a brand-new model, ensuring you are always using the latest equipment on the market. 

Our customer was looking for a hire solution to avoid production downtime following damage to their existing Adiabatic. We got this Air Blast Cooler on-site and installed on the same day.

We work with global manufacturers and stock many chillers at our warehouse in Tamworth, but we do also have agreements with many hire companies across the UK and Ireland to ensure that we can always supply the right solution for our customers. We offer a hire solution for businesses than need to cool air or fluid, providing a versatile and comprehensive service. 

The easiest way to explain it; if you are cooling air or fluid, we can offer a hire solution.  

Established in the water-cooling industry for 30 years, Summit Process Cooling has solved many cooling problems with the supply and/or installation of a wide range of cooling equipment. We have vast cooling application experience and are well placed to supply well-engineered, cost-effective cooling equipment and support to refrigeration, air conditioning, original equipment manufacturers, and end-users, across a wide variety of industries.