Sustainability Audits

Sustainability Audit

Sustainability Audit Highlights

Sustainability audits are comprehensive evaluations of an organisation's practices, processes, and infrastructure to assess their environmental impact and identify opportunities for improvement in sustainability efforts.

Summit Recycling Resources specialises in conducting sustainability audits, specifically focusing on waste management and recycling practices within businesses. Here's a breakdown of what our audits involve and how we can assist:

Assessment of Current Recycling Infrastructure

Your dedicated account manager will visit your site to thoroughly examine your existing recycling infrastructure. This involves inspecting waste collection systems, recycling bins, sorting processes, and overall waste management practices.

Identification of Cost-Saving Opportunities:

Through the audit process, we will identify areas where your business can optimise its recycling efforts to reduce costs. This may involve finding opportunities to minimise waste generation, increase recycling rates, and potentially turn waste materials into revenue streams.

Monetising Waste Materials:

By recognising that certain materials have monetary worth, we will help you capitalise on these resources by facilitating their sale to interested buyers for use in production processes. Many businesses may not realise the full potential of their waste materials. We will assist in ensuring that you receive the maximum monetary value from your waste streams and optimise your recycling processes.


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