The New Generation of Chiller TCU: Experience the Power of Enhanced Plastics Temperature Control

08 February 2022

The legendary and unique Microgel and Turbogel Chiller TCU ranges have been re-engineered. An already proven product in the field, renowned for improving process control and throughput, this industry-leading range of Chiller TCU combination with its high flow capability is now increasing its lead further over conventional technologies.

An improved colour HMI layout creates a better user experience and enables intuitive interaction to the extensive range of standard features and monitoring points such as pressure and flows with graphical analysis in real-time.

Behind the new styling, the Microgel Temperature Control Unit range has been re-engineered with a better environmental footprint as the refrigeration circuits now contain (model dependant) up to 72% less refrigerant and moved onto R410a.

Solid-state relays are incorporated across both ranges and mould drain kits are incorporated into each model.

The popular dual circuit model options are still available enabling different flows and temperatures to be set on each zone.

The temperature control precision of the new range of Chiller TCU's is even better than the already solid performance of the existing models, with 50% improvement against setpoint on certain models.

A multitude of options such as flow meters, VFD pumps and Watt meters are available. These features enable operators to calculate the true operational costs and to know precisely the flows and temperatures, ensuring repeatedly successful processing conditions.

An unrivalled array of machine interface communications is available with OPC-UA also now being rolled out and additionally for full system remote control the units can be integrated into the Frigel MiND system.

Rob Pritchard, Sales Manager for Summit Process Cooling “Our partners, Frigel, have invested an enormous amount of design time and detailed analysis into improving this already market-leading range of innovative equipment.

Once proven through Summit’s no commitment trials, the quality and cycle-time reduction benefits of turbulent flow, all deliverable via the latest in control, monitoring, and communication technology, are changing the mindset of even the most traditionalist processors across many industry categories.

Summit has all the in-house knowledge and the tools available, within the Frigel system, to help our clients optimise for tomorrow’s production and energy efficiency expectations.”