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  • Perfect cooling water temperature maintained

    A little while ago, one of our customers was experiencing major issues maintaining their cooling water temperatures of 40°C & 50ºC to the mould using 2 temperature control units. Summit Chilled assessed their process and decided to install a Frigel Firenze S.p.A. duel zone Turbogel. They are now maintaining a PERFECT cooling water temperature of 40°C & 50ºC. This has reduced the actual tool temperature by 23% and the final moulding temperature by 24%. They have also reduced cycle time by 10% as a result of the new installation.

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    - Anonymous.

  • Maguire Gravimetric Blenders

    “The longevity of these simple blenders has been well proven over the years. They have survived the test of time in a pretty harsh environment with constant use.”

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    - Alpla UK.

  • Summit Chilled

    “We were finding it impossible to maintain our mould temperature of 8°C using our current set up of a chiller and 2 TCU’s. Summit Chilled installed a Frigel duel zone Microgel combined unit and we are now maintaining a perfect 8°C mould temperature and have reduced our cycle time by 20%. We enjoy a great relationship with Summit Systems so look forward to working with Summit Chilled”

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    - Patterson & Rothwell.

  • Maguire vacuum dryer

    “We are currently trialling a Maguire LPD200 from yourselves for the application of PET in ISBM and the results are very promising. We can have resin dry and ready to use in 1 hour 10 minutes giving moisture readings of 30-40ppm”

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    - R&D Leverage.

  • Weigh Scale Blender

    “We have successfully deployed Maguire gravimetric blenders across the group for many years in the UK and Europe. They have worked extremely well and reliably for us and I am pleased to say, to our good fortune, appear to be the preferred standard for most of our recent acquisitions at Superfos and Promens. It therefore makes perfect sense to have this equipment to train our apprentices and operators on best practice across the Group companies.”

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    - Carl Boniface, Technical Manager, RPC Promens Training Centre.

  • The Halo

    “This is the next step forward for drying, enabling machinery to respond to real time conditions. The energy and material saving implications are significant. We are very excited to offer another innovation that drives down operational costs.”

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    - Mike Jordan, Managing Director, Summit Systems.

  • Preventative Maintenance Visits

    “I often see holed and poorly repaired pipes whilst servicing, causing material and vacuum loss. We address these issues, as well as adjusting system parameter settings to ensure optimum operating performance.”

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    - Mark Norton, Contracts Engineer, .

  • Preventative Maintenance Visits

    “Loss of compressed air can be very expensive. Around 30% of machines serviced have air leaks. Unchecked, this adversely affects the performance of blending and loading systems. We also check, and clean filters to ensure vacuum pumps are only running when necessary.”

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    - Mark Norton, Contracts Engineer, .