Introducing Summit Defence Shield: The Recyclable Solution for COVID Protection

10 June 2020

Mike Jordan, MD of Summit Systems, has developed a new & unique Summit Defence Shield solution for getting you back to work safely and securely during this COVID-19 period.

The ‘Summit Defence Shield’ can be assembled in seconds and acts as an effective barrier between you and others, preventing the spread of germs.

Proudly designed and manufactured in the UK, this is the perfect solution for offices, schools, universities, factories and even restaurants to get back to normal (or as close to normal as possible).

The Defence Shield is quick and easy to install onto any desk without tools. The unique click-release system means it can be installed in seconds and configured to suit any workspace.

Mike Jordan states “There’s nothing like it in the market today. You can’t get the plastic for the majority of designs.”

The Summit Defence Shield is fully recyclable. Once finished with the product, you can send it back to Summit HQ who’ll recycle the shields and turn them into clothes.

There are 4 products available. The front Desk Shield with a maximum length of 1800mm, the L-Shield and U-Shield, extending to 2600mm and the Service Shield with a cut-out template designed for businesses that require additional contact with customers.

Products are in stock now so we can guarantee quick delivery at a very competitive price. Bespoke shields are available with a 2-week delivery.

For more information or to place orders please contact the team by emailing or visit to place your order!