Ultra Vacuum Dryer 68kg/hr

Equipment Description

ULTRA Vacuum Batch Dryer from Maguire, 150 lb/hr (68 kg/hr). High heat 350F complete with 7″ touch screen display, slight scratch to body.

In good condition.

  • Improved design obsoletes moving canisters and minimises moving parts
  • Continuous batch drying process
  • -40°C dew point air is bled into vacuum and retention hoppers
  • Vertical design – minimal footprint
  • Double insulation on all vessels guarantees no heat loss
  • Reduced maintenance – no desiccant to change – no filters to clean
  • Faster drying for improved production planning
  • No stress” material drying – means no material degradation
  • Vacuum take-off or gravity feed material discharge available
  • Process temperatures from 70°C up to 180°C

Discount Price: £11,250

Original Price: £14,597

Warranty: 24 months

Reference: EX00489

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