Extrusion Control Blenders: WXB

Proven Gravimetric Blending technology combined with loss in weight extrusion control.


The WXB Gravimetric Batch Blender includes a fully integrated Loss-in-Weight mix chamber for all extrusion processes.

  • Automate material usage control for all extrusion processes
  • Raw material savings up to 10%
  • Return on investment in 8-12 months

WXB Blender for Extrusion
Integrated Blending & Extrusion Control

  • Maguire’s proven WXB Gravimetric batch blending technology combined with comprehensive loss-in-weight control.
  • Batch blending from 2 – 12 materials with dispense accuracy of +/- 0.1% on a 1% setting.
  • Integrated Loss-in-Weight control monitoring live consumption rate to an extruder and updating process rate every second.

Maguire + Syncro Syntrol Control

  • Maguire + Syncro specialist extrusion control for every type of extrusion process.
  • Syntrol touchscreen allows quick and easy setup of extrusion process.
  • Easily set process parameters like gram/meter, micron and layer ratios.

Key Benefits of Extrusion Control

  • Overall raw materials savings of up to 10% compared to manual regulation.
  • Reduced start-up material wastage & changeover scrap.
  • Achieve faster startup times.
  • Automatically regulate extruder and haul-off speeds to always be on target.
  • Eliminate process variations due to screen pack, voltage fluctuations and MFI differences.
  • Document materials usage and process parameters for quality, process and cost control.
  • Return on investment within 6 months.
  • Fast payback by reduced material usage, production scrap, manual intervention and increased productivity.
  • Optimise process from constant extrusion control.