Movacolor Twin Gravimetric Doser

The optimum way to handle regrind.


Reusing rejects and sprues in the form of regrind can result in saving substantial amounts of colorant. The secret? Dosing masterbatch, powder, liquid, or another additive and regrind simultaneously.

One dosing unit of the MCTwin functions as the main unit and doses regrind, while the second operates in conjunction with the main unit and doses the additive. In practice this means that the more regrind is available, the less colorant is added.

  • Avoid overconsumption of additives.
  • Continuous loss-in-weight measuring and automatic adjustment.
  • Reuse the maximum of regrind.
  • Automatic colouring correction.
  • Directly mounts on the machine throat.
  • 8″ full colour touchscreen.
  • Easy to install.
  • Integrated hopper loader control.
  • Full flexibility.
  • Smart footprint