Soft Drop (PET Preforms)

Soft Drop is a very efficient system devised to eliminate damage and scratching which may be caused to PET Preforms by dropping into storage containers. It is designed to work with all Preform production units currently available in the market.


The Soft Drop system reduces the height from which the preform has to drop to a minimum. This is made possible by the utilisation of a specially designed flat conveyor used to distribute the preforms into two descending unloading hoppers which release the performs into the storage container from a minimum pre-defined height. This release height remains constant throughout the filling phase. When the container is full the conveyor changes direction to commence filling of the second container and at the same time an acoustic/visual alarm warns the operator that the already filled container should be replaced.

  • Avoids costly damage to Preforms.
  • Automatically fills storage containers and uses acoustic/visual alarm to alert operatives to the need to replace full containers.
  • Utilisation of all options in system can increase storage capacity by between 7% – 15%.
  • System can be designed to work with 1-4 containers.