Oil Traps

Summit Systems are a leading supplier of oil traps and have extensive knowledge of oil trap systems and their industrial applications.


Our oil trap system separates the oil from the air using a cyclone centrifugal process. Integral to this system is a cooling coil which increases the efficiency of the operation.

Certain types of plastic pellets produce droplets of oil during the dehumidifying drying process. It is possible that the dehumidifying air will grab the oil and carry it into the dryer. This action can result in damage or malfunction of the dryer and may also reduce the lifespan of the dryer.

  • Average oil separation efficiency is 98% this may be increased using an optional second stage filter.
  • Use of an oil trap produces clean pre-cooled air that can be sent to the dryer without the possibility of damage.
  • Suitable for air flow up to 200cm/h.
  • Zero pressure drop.
  • Maximum working temperature 200oC
  • Stainless steel water connections
  • Glass oil collector

Optional Extras


  • Second stage filtration systems which will increase oil removal to 99.99%
  • Automatic filtration control by the dryer