Extrusion Control & Line Management

Maguire, the gravimetric blending experts and SYNCRO, the extrusion control specialists. Together these provide new choices for extrusion control, as well as a modular approach for a wide range of functions on a typical line.


Maguire blenders have been specifically designed to service film, cable, sheet, pipe and profile extrusion processes. Customers can use existing equipment from Maguire while expanding control elements on both existing and new lines to maximise extrusion efficiency.

Maguire’s SYNCRO’s supervisory system, SYNTROL, brings together all elements of your line into one point of control, including air ring control, haul off speed, gauging system, blender consumption data, IBC control and extruder temperature.

Available in 3 different sized touchscreens, 7”, 15” and 21”.

The total supervisory system allows multiple line controls to be visualised and controlled from 1 touchscreen to synchronise the whole line together, including:

  • IBC control.
  • Line thickness and gauging system.
  • Air ring control.
  • Extruder temperature and pressure.
  • Haul off speed.
  • Web/cage control.
  • Winder and roll control.