Plastic Belts

Introducing the new patented, perforated Plastic Belt Conveyors from MB Conveyors, designed for cooling systems.

This type of plastic belt conveyor allows for the passage of air between the meshes, therefore allowing the cooling of the transported product. It is designed for conveying very hot products (up to 130°C) or extremely small, sharp products.

    • The lateral containment edge does not open, even during the rotation of the plastic belt on the drive sprockets.
    • The contact surface of the plastic belt is slightly embossed.
    • Fiberglass loaded PA6 plastic belt.
    • Operating temperature from + 1°C to about 130°C.
    • Standard listel: h= 35 or 45mm modular, min. 25mm.
    • Possibility of applying special strips according to customer needs.

Extrusion Control Blenders: WXB

The WXB Gravimetric Batch Blender includes a fully integrated Loss-in-Weight mix chamber for all extrusion processes.

  • Automate material usage control for all extrusion processes
  • Raw material savings up to 10%
  • Return on investment in 8-12 months

WXB Blender for Extrusion Integrated Blending & Extrusion Control

  • Maguire’s proven WXB Gravimetric batch blending technology combined with comprehensive loss-in-weight control.
  • Batch blending from 2 – 12 materials with dispense accuracy of +/- 0.1% on a 1% setting.
  • Integrated Loss-in-Weight control monitoring live consumption rate to an extruder and updating process rate every second.

Key Benefits of Extrusion Control

  • Overall raw materials savings of up to 10% compared to manual regulation.
  • Reduced start-up material wastage & changeover scrap.
  • Achieve faster startup times.
  • Automatically regulate extruder and haul-off speeds to always be on target.
  • Eliminate process variations due to screen pack, voltage fluctuations, and MFI differences.
  • Document clearly materials usage and process parameters for quality, process, and cost control.
  • Return on investment within 6 months.
  • Fast payback by reduced material usage, production scrap, manual intervention and increased productivity.
  • Optimise process from constant extrusion control.


Microgel is designed to deliver constant high pressure and flow to process, resulting in optimal heat transfer. 3-way modulating valves provide the ultimate in temperature control accuracy to ±0.5°C (±1°F).

  • Single or dual zones TCU.
  • Temperature from -5°C to 90°C.
  • High flow process pumps ΔT as low as 1°C.
  • Integral free-cooling valve for operation with Frigel Ecodry (or other clean water) systems.
  • Automatic shut-down of the compressors for large energy savings, depending on ambient and set-point conditions.
  • Stainless steel reservoirs, evaporators and condensers, and corrosion-free piping throughout.


It’s an ideal solution to help you maximise mould performance and cut cycle times.

  • Single or Dual zones TCU.
  • Heaters up to 48kW (24kW per zone).
  • Temperature up to 90°C (non pressurised system).
  • High flow process pumps ΔT as low as 1°C.
  • Cooling temperature control to within less than 1°C of the cooling water inlet temperature.
  • Large connections to minimise internal pressure losses.
  • Optional mould drain kits to speed up mould changes and minimise hazardous spills.
  • Optional cooling water inlet and return mould water strainers.

Magnetic Platens

Companies who have frequent mould changes, especially with heavy tools, can remove and install a new tool in minutes. Our magnetic platens dramatically increase production results.

Magnetic platens allow a rapid, safe and practical tool change in the injection moulding process. This system is designed to meet the demands of a lean manufacturing process. Machines equipped with magnetic platens are significantly more productive.

  • Space saving magnetic platens available from 37mm thick.
  • Cost effective, payback on productivity.
  • No bolts or clamping required.
  • Boosts productivity and flexibility.
  • Easy and safe operation.
  • Versatile – can be installed on 99% of machines.
  • No wear on the tooling.
  • No flexing of the tool in production.

Ecodry system

Ecodry System solutions will put you in a position to achieve maximum operating conditions. Besides installation, energy, water, chemical, and maintenance savings, Frigel’s machine-side temperature control concept assures optimum processing efficiencies, reduced scrap, and consistent quality.

Ecodry systems are selected and designed for glycol (or water in non-freezing climates), as well as self-draining versions for installation in cold climates without glycol. Simply add Ecodry modules, pump sets, and Microgel/Turbogel units as you grow. Call us today to find out more!

    • Low installation cost – one set of non-insulated mains and drops.
    • Individual temperature control flexibility.
    • Tight temperature control with motorized modulating control valve per zone.
    • Local high flow and pressure for optimum processing – no central chiller pressure losses.
    • Automatic free-cooling per machine when conditions permit.
    • Moulds and heat exchangers remain clean for maximum process performance.
  • Record the temperature and flow rate for each process.