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What are Cooling Coils?

Blown Film Cooling coils or heat exchangers are designed for use in the context of blown film extrusion. These cooling coils are used to cool air in the extrusion process, which is a common method for manufacturing plastic films and sheets.

Why Choose Summit Process Cooling?

Opting for Summit Process Cooling as your HT Cooling supplier provides a clear edge due to our profound expertise in the field. In addition to delivering state-of-the-art cooling solutions, Summit Process Cooling stands out for its proficiency in providing full turnkey projects to automate entire mould or extrusion shops. With a profound grasp of industry demands, we offer personalised solutions aimed at boosting efficiency, reducing downtime, and elevating precision.

What are the benefits?

  • 3° ΔT: These units can cool the ambient air with 3° ΔT to process fluid temperature.
  • Energy Efficiency: The highly efficient heat exchanger is designed with a large exchange surface, featuring aluminium hydrophilic fins and copper tubes. This design reduces airspeed, the dragging of water drops is completely eliminated, allowing for considerable energy savings on chilled water consumption.
  • Reduced Electrical Consumption: Increase your Free Cooling potential on the Chiller Unit by operating on the 3° ΔT from ambient to process fluid temperatures.
  • Cooling Capacity: These coils provide a cooling capacity ranging from 10 to 88 kW, making them suitable for various applications with different cooling needs.
  • Modern Design: The coils structure is made of galvanised steel painted with epoxy powder, providing a modern and aesthetically pleasing appearance suitable for the production area.
  • Temperature Control: The coils offers easy temperature control through a system that can be easily set by the operator, allowing precise regulation of the cooling process.
  • Additional Features: Standard supply includes a pressure gauge to monitor water pressure, an easily removable filter for maintenance access, and mechanical or electronic 3-way valve options. Optional features such as water droplet separators are available for installation in high humidity environments.

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