Supervisory System

Product Highlights

Introducing the Summit Vision Supervisor (SVS) System – an innovative Human Machine Interface (HMI) solution meticulously designed by Summit Systems to meet the dynamic needs of the modern Plastic Industry. Beyond its core functions of seamlessly connecting human operators with automated machinery, the SVS offers a range of advanced features to enabling seamless control, monitoring, and data visualisation of different functions within the plant, such as Material Loaders, Masterbatch Dosers, Material Dryers etc…

  • Cloud-Based User Interface: Enjoy the flexibility of a cloud-based interface, ensuring accessibility and control from anywhere, at anytime.
  • Web Server Capabilities: Access your Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) remotely via web browser, with excellent support for VNC. Stay informed through SMS messaging and email notifications via mobile phone networks.
  • Improved Machine Integration: Achieve better integration of various industrial plastic machines, streamlining operations for enhanced efficiency.
  • Supplier Integration: Benefit from an optimised interface for Frigel, Maguire, Movacolor, Vismec and Silo products within Summit Vision, ensuring comprehensive control and monitoring capabilities, with a seamless and intuitive user experience. SVS is an open platform so if you have equipment from an alternative supplier, contact us to discuss compatibility.
  • Energy-Monitoring and Performance: Commitment to maximum energy efficiency and high-quality performance, providing not just control but optimisation for your industrial processes.

Why use a Supervisory System?

A supervisory system offers a comprehensive solution to enhance operational efficiency and streamline processes. With instant access to product data, it provides a foundation for informed decision-making. The ease of reporting facilitates quick analysis and strategic planning. Whether monitoring equipment on-site or off-site, the system ensures real-time insights, reducing downtime and boosting productivity. The capability to receive alerts in real time adds a proactive element to maintenance, preventing potential issues before they escalate. Additionally, the versatility of the software allows for seamless adaptation to turnkey solutions, making it a valuable tool for optimising various facets of business operations.

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