New Starter – Project Manager Kieran Payne

24 November 2016

Summit Systems, the market leader in ancillary supplies, are thrilled to announce their investment in new Project Manager Kieran Payne to the ever-growing Tamworth-based team. Kieran, located in Banbury, manages the projects in the southern region and reports into Engineering Manager Chris McCormack.

As the third Project Manager to join the team, Summit Systems is confident that Kieran will bring strong leadership, new improvements to the department and build fundamental relationships with customers.

Kieran is highly experienced with over ten years’ experience in design and project management across 3 sectors which includes materials handling. He will work alongside Project Manager John O’Flynn, who’s resume includes stints at Rolls Royce and Babcock International and Project Manager Richard Dean who spent most of his career in the plastics sector. Engineering Manager Chris McCormack says “it’s essential that we purposely recruit fresh talent from different industries to bring a wider range of experience, ideas and skill sets to the team.”

Due to significant feedback from the projects team after their initial six months at Summit Systems, Chris was quick to act and make some fundamental changes. Chris restructured the design team to work strategically in a regional format with the objective being to “create familiarity, ownership and accountability with customers and their sites, but most importantly build relationships with our customers”.

Summit Systems believes that by deploying three Project Managers this will significantly increase our customer experience and also enhance project delivery. Chris explains:- “we were missing some fundamental milestones within our project lifecycle such as project reviews for example, which include topics such as what went well and lessons learned so we can continually improve and develop as a business and as a team”.


In October Projects Manager John O’Flynn spent a continuous 21 days straight working away from home and family camped in a hotel in Ireland to oversee a major project. Due to this extensive on-site exposure and dedication, John became a constant point of contact and coordination not only for the customer but also for the field engineers and head office. Familiarisation with our customers is key and this is a big part of the overall engineering strategy.

Summit Systems is confident that they have ‘raised the bar’ with the new engineering restructure and are determined to continue investing and retaining on their talent within the company. Furthermore, Summit Systems prides itself creating positive environment for their staff. This is shown as the company received ‘best employer of the year award’ by the Plastic Industry Awards.