Wade Grindley

23 April 2019

From an early age Wade has been fascinated in fixing or modifying toys and bicycles. This interest led Wade to a hobby in electronics and computer programming, making various gadgets from rain detectors to infra-red remote controls.

Wade’s career started as an electric engineer for a 1st tier automotive supplier, working on plant maintenance and improvements. He later progressed to the technical department, designing a new plant supervisor, Paint Shop Control System and various machine controls. In the next phase of his career, Wade designed bespoke control panels for plastic extruder refits and VSD drive panels up 160kW. He also carried out energy surveys for lighting installations and water pump control panels.

He joined the Summit team in 2018, primarily to develop their supervisory system. Integrating all of the products to an Industry 4.0 user interface: Summit Vision and Summit IOT.

Outside of Wades technical hub, his interests include listening to music, playing badminton, squash, family outings on bikes and going to music gigs.