Richard Smith

23 April 2019

Richard has been involved the cooling industry since the very start of his career. Richard spent his first few years in sales for cooling towers, before becoming the sales director for a further 10 years. After this, Richard took on a new challenge and created his own Air Blast Cooling company but, in this time, he stumbled across Total Process Cooling and became a director, and has been for 16 years now! Richard moved to the Summit offices in 2018, when Summit acquired Total Process Cooling. His role within the cooling division involves building the temperature control business by driving sales, managing projects and heading up the technical department.

Outside of work, Richard shows his creative/artistic flair by writing, recording, playing music and guess what… he has a band! One Week Later – click if you want to check it out! He also has a sporty side, enjoying badminton, tennis, the gym…. and the odd bit of astronomy.